A Cupcake Decorating Party For Kids

Your little girl’s birthday is coming up. You’re trying to come up with a really fabulous party idea. She already had an ice skating party last year. And she went bowling the year before that. Pool party? She’s had that, too. How about a sleepover? She’s done that, too! You’re pretty much out of ideas! Since little girls love to bake and love being creative; why not throw her a cupcake decorating party?

Kids love to get messy and they love creating stuff. Every little girl will love coming to a birthday party and decorating cupcakes! Cupcake decorating birthday parties aren’t very common which means your daughter’s party will be extra special!

First of all, it’s important to have a large area where there will be enough room for all the girls to decorate their cupcakes. One really large table or a few small ones covered with cute pink table cloths would be perfect. Set up a small area with a plate and two unfrosted cupcakes for each little girl. (She will have one cupcake to eat at the party and an extra one to take home! Give each girl a small box to take her cupcake home in.) Set out the decorating materials in the center or at even intervals around the table.

Remember, it isn’t mandatory to bake your cupcakes all the same flavor! Bake both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes; it’s more fun to have one of each!

Cupcake decorating is more fun when you have a colorful and fun selection of decorations; keep this in mind when you buy the supplies.