Umbra Photo Frames Are a Great Find For Home Decoration and Gifting

To say, a picture is a composition of thousands words is no wrong. Photographs are a portrait of the past that never comes back but remains alive in the form of memory. Sometimes, pictures do what our words cannot do. Therefore, the photos that are a marvelous manifestation of our memories deserve to be treated with good care. Nothing can be more protective a care other than photo frames. If you seek luxury in picture frames for your luxurious home decor, let umbra photo frames be your choice. These frames add style to wherever they are kept. These are multi-picture frames.

A room without any picture or painting on the walls looks dull and drab. A room is comfy when it is refurbished with quality fabric upholstery. But, it appears lively when decorated with colorful pictures and frames.

Make sure to incorporate umbra photo frames into your list of interior decor items. The frames are strong and sturdy to hang on the walls. The walls come alive with vibrancy and vivacity while sheltering these collages of frames of different sizes and shapes. These photo frames give a lease of life to the lifeless walls of the room.

Umbra picture frames are not only to be hanging on the walls but also to be displayed on the desk. Fitted with solid and rigid stand at the back, they make a good display of your photos on desks. Choose photo frames of the same texture as that of the desk where you have decided to keep them. If the desk is wooden, select wooden frames with matte shine. Make a selection of metallic frames with shining accent if the desk is of metallic sheen. This way, umbra photo frames will harmonize with the place of their keep lending a magic to the ambience of the room.

When it comes to gifting, umbra photo frames are a great find. The recipient will be brimming with joy to receive not one or two picture frames but a set of four or five or six frames. They are fitting for the purpose of any social ceremony or celebration. Particularly on birthdays and anniversaries, they make graceful gifts. If it is the birthday of your college friend, gift him or her special photo frames setting the pictures of some moments with him or her. You will surely be welcomed by the recipient not with thanks but with thankfulness.

9 Easy and Free Home Decorating Ideas

Are you on a tight budget but looking for something new around your home? Luckily, there are many things that can be done in your home or apartment to make a big change….with just a little or no money out of your pocketbook. Take a look at some of our top free home makeover ideas:

Create a new headboard – Give your room some warmth and your headboard a brand-new look by draping a quilt or tapestry over it. Go with a funky pattern or a solid color paired with bright, patterned pillows.

Hide extra cords – Do you have a lot of extra cords that take away from the appearance of your room? If so, hide them with funky art or photography. Simply lay your frames against the wall and let them cover the cords and outlets.

Redesign your table – If you’ve used the same dining room table setting for years and it’s time for a change, look no further than your jewelry box. That’s right – use plastic bangles and other chunky jewelry to wrap around your napkins to give table a makeover.

Transform your furniture with ribbons – Use old holiday and birthday ribbons to wrap around table and chair legs, your bed frame, or even a dresser. It’s a great, easy way to add color to a drab-looking room.

Give your storage boxes a new look – Do you have boxes that are used to store junk? Or, maybe you have boxes of photos and old cards that you just don’t know what to do with. Regardless of what’s inside, consider wrapping your old cardboard boxes in fabric or wrapping paper to jazz them up a bit.

Make use of old dishes – Do you have old kitchenware or place settings that you don’t use anymore? Or, what about a set that’s missing a few pieces? If so, consider using an extra mug to store cotton balls, makeup brushes, Q-Tips, and more.

Frame old objects – If you have an old scarf, shawl, or other garment that you haven’t worn in a while, consider framing it in a black frame and hanging it above your bed for some added color.

Dress up an old fireplace – If you have a fireplace in your house or apartment that no longer works, consider painting it a contrasting color or placing a plant in front of it for a new look. You could also hang a mirror on top of it to not only dress it up, but to make your home appear more spacious.

Clean up your space – You’d be amazed at how different a space can look if you just take time to clean it up. Spend a day or weekend cleaning up the clutter around your home for a drastic new look. Donate the items you no longer use, or try to re-purpose regular household items for use in other areas.