Glass Candle Holders: Perfect Centerpieces, Gifts and Unique Pieces of Home Decor

Candle holders have been in use for ages, as they are means to safely hold candles. As candles are dated back to the Egyptian era, we may assume that they are almost as old, as something had to be used to safely hold candles and prevent them from burning down homes.

Have you ever been invited to or hosted a candle light dinner? If you haven’t, try it as soon as possible. If you have, you know how special ambience is created by their light along with beautiful decoration of flowers, tasty dishes, and beautifully arranged table. They are wonderful accessories to make your dinner table even more beautiful.

Today we face a choice of a variety of designs, shapes, and decors of candle holders. They can be practical everyday items or perfect gifts. The most obvious use is to have them hold candles. They should be durable, unable to tip over and, if you plan to walk around with it, they should have steady handles as well as guards for dripping wax. Many of them are pieces of art.

They are excellent as gifts for every occasion and for all ages and tastes. There is an enormous variety of these accessories which can serve as gifts, however those most valuable are handmade by glass artists and signed by them. Pick them according to the personality and home décor of a given person.

If Your Big Day (meaning a Wedding Day) is still ahead of you, why won’t you consider these accessories as wedding favours for your guests? You can even personalize each of them by adding a candle with your names and a wedding date written on them. Use different colours for different guests such as golden, blue, white or red glass candle holders.

Hand blown glass candle holders are also great as pieces of home décor. They can become wonderful centerpieces. You would wow your guests when lighting up candles in beautiful candle holders at the party. They are excellent pieces of décor during weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or housewarming parties.

There is a variety of styles when it comes to unique glass candle holders. There are simple tealight candle holders, chic hurricane styles and elaborate ones. Here are only some of the types of glass candle holders:

1) Votive candle holders: these simple candle holders are usually glass cups that hold tealight candles or other small candles. A more elaborative votive candle holder is wider so it can be filled with water on surface of which tealight candles will float.

2) Candlestick holders: These glass pieces always have a base, a stem and a hole on the top where you insert a candle. The styles of candlestick holders are endless, and they mirror the trends of the times they were made in.

3) Chandeliers: they are most sophisticated glass candle holders which are nowadays often underutilized. They hold a number of candles and represent wonderful piece of home décor.

There are endless opportunities when choosing a glass candle holder. Their styles, colours and universal use make them wonderful pieces as home accessories, gifts or wedding favours.

Justyna Bialas is a Co-Founder and Co-Owner